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Daria Dubois is a founder of collaboration Razam, director of production of Creative Tech Week, and a creative tech lead. She is a former director of the non-profit inter-disciplinary studio, Brooklyn Research Lab, where she launched over 60 events, research projects, and podcasts. She has set up art installations for a famous designer Pierre Chareau at the Jewish Museum, rebuilt the 1955 jukebox for the Jamian Juliano-Villani’s exhibition Same Time Next Year, built a walkway for L’Oreal for the NYC BeautyCon 2017, worked on projects and installations for Google, Samsung, IT Cosmetics, SculptureCenter. She also gave classes at NYCCT and Brooklyn Research Lab, curated Codes and Modes art exhibit at Hunters College, and partnered with SAP at Miami Art Basel 2019.


Daria graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Emerging Media Technology BTECH at NYCCT, and also studied at Belarusian State University of Engineering and Radioelectronics. Through these experiences, Daria has found her path as an entrepreneur of innovative technology. Prior to returning to academia, she worked professionally across a diverse array of fields such as real estate, design, and hospitality, which all inform how she thinks about the simple redesign of the structures and devices around us.

"Unique, but stronger when razam"

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